Address: 01 Cau Da, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, VietNam
Director: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Si Tuan

Vice Directors: 1. Dr. Dao Viet Ha
                         2. Dr. Ho Van The



Establishment Decisions N0 23/KHCNQG dated 19 June 1993 issued by the National Centre for Natural Science and Technology (Actually Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)

01 Cau Da, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam
Tel.: (058) 3590036 ; 3590032
Fax: 058. 3590034
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Director: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Si Tuan
Vice Directors: 1. Dr. Dao Viet Ha
2. Dr. Ho Van The

  • Chairman: Dr. Dao Viet Ha
  • Vice chairman: Prof.Dr. Doan Nhu Hai
  • Secretary: Dr. Nguyen Xuan Vy
  • Total members: 10
  • Fundamental studies on environment, living and non-living resources; hydrospheric, atmospheric and lithospheric processes in the coastal waters and East Sea
  • Investigation on status and processes of marine pollution; and solutions for pollution treatment to ensure ecological balance and sustainable development
  • Studies on special phenomena to support prevention of natural disasters, including: storm surge, tsunami, erosion and deposition
  • Studies on marine techniques & technology as baselines for marine construction, aquaculture development, extraction of bio-active substances, exploitation of marine products; designating and producing research equipment & facilities;  and marine technology transmission from overseas
  • Training and education on marine sciences and technology, including at Ph.D level
Research Departments:
  • Marine Physics
  • Marine Geology
  • Marine Plankton
  • Marine Ecology and Environment
  • Hydro - Geochemistry
  • Marine Botany
  • Marine Living Resources
  • Vertebrate Resources
  • Aquaculture Technology
  • Biochemistry
  • Oceanographic Data; GIS & Remote Sensing Application
Supporting Units
  • Administration Office
  • Marine Monitoring Station
  • Information and Library
  • Mari-culture Experiment Station
  • Research Vessel NCB - 95
  • Permanent staff: 86
  • Contracted staff: 50
  • Professor: 01
  • Ass. Professor: 03
  • PhDs: 15
  • Masters of Science: 38
  • Bachelors: 54
  • Others: 29
Third, Second and First-class Labour Medals before 2005
Fundamental Research
  • Hydrographical and dynamical regime of the East Sea (1986-1990); Coastal resources in the Vietnamese waters (1991-1995); The strong upwelling in the South-Central waters (1991-1995); The waters of Spratly islands (1980-2000); Periodic investigation on East Sea (1930-2000); Coastal erosion – deposition processes in the Vietnamese coastal waters and estuaries (1996-2000) ...
  • Completing the collections of trawl-net maps in Tonkin Gulf, hydro-dynamical maps of the East Sea in the National Atlas, maps of natural conditions, ecology and primary production of the strong upwelling region of the South Central Vietnam, maps of topography and sediment of Vietnamese continental shelf (1995).
  • Completing the process of building national oceanographic data system. Presently it has achieved oceanographic data from three international data centers, collected from 6.731 investigations in the East Sea with 149.000 stations on natural conditions, marine resources and environment in the East Sea. It is possible to provide these information for purpose of economic development and national security (2000-2005).
  • Finding out the features of thermodynamics and fauna in the western part of the East Sea. Especially completing maps of the deep current system, affirming the year-round existence of a strong current along the side of the central continental shelf, direction from North to South. This is very important for the exploitation of marine resources, environmental protection and national security and defence (2000).
  • Contributing to the completion of the Atlas of Vietnamese sea and the book “Fauna in Vietnam”.
  • Discovering the phenomenon and the system of useful thermal energy in the sea, providing the technical parameters for the studies of sea bottom movement and  erosion in building underground constructions (1995-2000).
Research development and application
  • Finding out the external technical conditions for the design of oil and gas constructions in Bach Ho mine (1998);
  • Since 1990s up to now, studies on biodiversity, status of marine resources exploitation and potential of marine conservation have been focused. Investigating and drafting of theoretical factual foundations for the establishment of  marine protected areas in the South Vietnam (Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Cu Lao Cau, Mun island, Cu Lao Cham). Among them, some marine protected areas such as: Nha Trang bay, Cu Lao Cham and Phu Quoc marine protected areas have been in operation. Developing models for community-based management and restoration of marine ecosystems. Coral reef monitoring has been carried out continuously to provide basis for suitable management in local provinces.
  • Completing the aquaculture process of seahorse in experimental conditions, from artificial reproduction to commercial farming, producing F2 and F3 generations. The transfer of this aquaculture technology to the community has contributed greatly to the creation of jobs, poverty reduction, coastal and island economic development (1995 up to now).
  • Successful aquaculture of sea grapes Caulerpa lentilifera used as food, and successful production and commercial culture of red clownfish Amphiprion frenatus in laboratory conditions (2007).
  • Investigating, measuring and computing necessary design parameters for coastal structures in Khanh Hoa province (2009 – 2011).
  • Processing and providing information for establishment of scientific and socio-economic basic data, technology of exploitation, management and sustainable development of marine environment and recourses. Studies on seed production (hard clam in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh provinces), long-term programming, economic structure conversion for local provinces, oceanographic processes, especially on the mechanism, reason and forecast of natural disasters, process of environmental quality degradation, methods of marine resources development, as well as educating and propagating simple techniques to the community for sustainable exploitation, management and development of marine resources and environment (2000 up to now).
International scientific cooperation in the East Sea and Vietnamese coastal waters
  • 4 JOMSREs (Joint Oceanographic and Marine Scientific Research Expedition) were carried out in the East Sea in the cooperation with the Philippines (1996-2007). These have provided experiences in building cooperation model on marine scientific research  for the sake of peace and sustainable development in the East Sea.
  • Speeding up the research and study on harmful algae in general, phytoplankton in particular in Vietnam through the cooperative project between Vietnam and Denmark (HABViet project, 1998-2008). It has increased strongly the Institute’s potential, both in human capacity and facilities.
  • Through the cooperation research with Germany on the south-central upwelling (since 2003), a full and reliable database on physics, environment, phytoplankton and ecology of the upwelling region was established.
  • Participation in the NUFU project with Norway “Aquaculture and Coastal Management in Vietnam – Environmental Carrying Capacity, Biodiversity and Fish Disease in Aquaculture System”: The IO is responsible for coastal waters modelling and marine biodiversity: Modelling the coastal area (2003-2011); Biodiversity in the bays and lagoons of Khanh Hoa province (2003-2007). Modelling the dynamic processes, ecology of coastal bays in Khanh Hoa (Van Phong, Cam Ranh, Nha Trang).
  • Under the framework of the project UNEP/GEF on “Reversing Environment Degradation Trends in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand” (2005-2008), a cooperation programme on management of ecosystems and natural resources in the transborder seawaters of Vietnam-Cambodia was set up by the Institute of Oceanography and Kien Giang province, which is highly appreciated by GEF and is regarded as the first provincial-level agreement on the management of environment and resources in the region. This has made a great contribution to strengthen the friendship between the two countries and build the confidence in solving existed problems in the contiguous waters
  • UNEP project “Demonstration of Sustainable Management of Coral Reef Resources in the Coastal Waters of Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam” (8/2010 – 5/2013) has carried out assessment on biodiversity and environment quality, set up a station network for biological and environmental monitoring, and a community-based model for resource restoration in Hon Chong, Thanh Hai, Ninh Hai.
  • Cooperative project with Stockholm University on risks generated from aquaculture to Mekong delta (2008-2011);
  • In cooperation with Australia, the ACIAR project “Spiny lobster aquaculture development in Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia” has successfully ended in early 2012 with an output of hundreds market-sized spiny lobsters.
  • Cooperation with IOC/WESPAC to establish a cooperation network on  marine toxic and harmful organisms in ASEAN (2011 – 2015)
  • Vietnam-Denmark project CLIMEEViet “Climate change and estuarine ecosystems in Vietnam” (2009 – 2011) has completed in early 2012.
Museum of Oceanography
  • With the history of nearly 90 years of the Institute, the Museum Oceanography has collected and preserved over 20.000 marine organism samples. The aquarium system of museum has domesticated and cultured a great number of marine organisms. The Museum Oceanography is a member of the international museum association ICOM. To contribute more to community education and awareness on marine environment and resources, marine security and national sovereignty, the tunnel displayed the Spratly and Paracel islands resources has been opened to the public in 2011. This is the ideal place not only for researchers and students to work and study, but also for tourists to get more knowledge on the marine resource and environment.
  • Third-class Independence Medal in 2002
  • Second-class Independence Medal in 2007
  • Certificate of Merit of Prime Minister in 2010
  • Third, Second and First-class Labour Medals before 2005




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