Address: 01 Mac Dinh Chi, Ben Nghe, Ho Chi Minh
Director: Dr. Luu Hong Truong
Vice Director: 1. Dr. Hoang Minh Duc
                        2. Dr. Le Buu Thach

Decision No: 1030/QD-KHCNVN
Signed by: Prof. Chau Van Minh-President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

01 Mac Dinh Chi, Ben Nghe, Ho Chi Minh
Phone: (84-8) 3822.0052
Fax: (84-8) 3822.0052
Director: Dr. Luu Hong Truong
Vice Director: 1. Dr. Hoang Minh Duc
2. Dr. Le Buu Thach

  • Chairman: Dr. Luu Hong Truong
  • Vice Chairman: Dr. Vu Ngoc Long
  • Secretary: Dr. Le Buu Thach
  • Members: Dr. Hoang Kim Anh, Dr. Hoang Minh Duc, Associate Prof. Tran Van Minh, Associate Prof. Nguyen Tien Thang
  1. Research in structure and function of ecosystems, autoecology, population ecology and human ecology;
  2. Research in fauna and flora in southern provinces, discovery of new species, evaluation of the threatened plants, animals, fungi and their genetic resources, and proposal of measures for their restoration and development;
  3. Research in impacts of climate change to biodiversity and measures to reduce and anticipate the impacts;
  4. Research and evaluation of biological resources in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and measures for sustainable management and use of ecosystems and biological resources;
  5. Discovery and research of sensitive ecosystems, predicting ecological succession and providing measures of reasonable use, renovation, and restoration;
  6. Education and raising awareness of biodiversity and sustainable development;
  7. Scientific and technological services in ecological and biological resource fields;
  8. Trainings and capacity building for researchers in ecology; international cooperation in ecology and biological resources.
Sections, Departments:
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Landscape Ecology
  • Department of Administration
  • Center for Biodiversity and Development
Total: 28
  • Doctors: 04
  • Masters: 04
  • Bachelors: 17
  • Others: 03
Southern Institute of Ecology is the Institute which studies basic ecological structures and functions at multiple levels: landscape ecology, ecosystems, communities, populations, individuals and human ecology which focus sensitive ecosystems, ecological forecasting and propose appropriate using methods and restoration of ecosystems;
In addition to basic studies, SIE also conducts scientific and technological activities of ecological and biological resources; Raising awareness on  biodiversity and sustainable development; Training researchers on ecology and biological resources; Carrying out international cooperation programs on ecological, biological resources and climate change.
During the last three years, CBD (now is SIE) has directed and been involved in many projects/programs on biodiversity inventory, conservation and protected area planning and management. Below are some selected programs/projects undertaken that best illustrates SIE's capability to handle assigned tasks.
1. Conservation of the Kien Giang Karst, Vietnam:2007-2012
This is a 5-year collaborative project between CBD and IUCN Vietnam to establish and effectively conserve the Karst nature reserve in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. Activities includes conducting field surveys, provincial workshops and training for stakeholders and supporting provincial authority to establish a new protected area and also developing and implementing a comprehensive biodiveristy conservation action plan for the area.
2. Collaborative Training and Research Programs for Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management in Southern Vietnam, 2010-2012.
This project is funded by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.The project aims to improve capacity on biodiversity conservation and monitoring, forest management for local government and related institutes in Southern Vietnam. It also provides scientific and technical training and support for the Southern Vietnamese protected areas on conservation planning and monitoring, biodiversity and community based management of natural resources. The project also developed a comprehensive Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan for the unique Karst Area in southern Vietnam and is supporting the local goverment to establish a new protected area.
3. Improved Conservation and Public Awareness of Biodiversity at Ta Kou Nature Reserve, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam, 2008-2010.This project was funded by the National Committee of Netherlands for IUCN/Ecosystem Grants Programme.
Using conventional methods in inventorying forest structure, diversity of plants and animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians) and human impacts, the project aims to provide a first-ever systematic profile of biodiversity (flora and fauna) and socio-economy of the reserve. Training courses were offered to improve the capacity/knowledge of staff of Ta Kou NR in biodiversity conservation and community development. The project initiates environmental awareness campaigns by setting up green clubs in secondary schools and by providing visual deliveries to the public. Different stakeholders, including local communities were encouraged to participate in establishing a conservation action plan for the reserve based on assessments of conservation and socio-economic needs of forest dependent households. A comprehensive Conservation Action Plan was developed for Takou NR as a foundational document for research, development and management.



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