Study on the Chemical Compositions and Biological Actitivites of Several Mushrooms and Lichens in Tay Nguyen region, and method for reservation and development of promising species

Project leader's name
Nguyen Hai Dang, PhD
Research hosting institution
Institute of Marine Biochemistry
Project duration
2014 - 2015
́Project’s budget
500,000,000 VND
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Goal and objectives of the project

Study on the chemical compositions and biological activity of mushrooms and lichens growing in the Tay Nguyen region. Based on the results obtained, propose a method for reservation and development of the promising species.

Main results

Theoretical results:

  • Thirty three lingzhi samples and five lichens were collected from Northern Tay Nguyen including Chu Mom Ray, Kon Ka Kinhand Chu Yang Sin.
  • The samples were extracted with MeOH and evaluated for biological activities.

12 samples exhibited potent DPPH scavenging activity. two samples showed considerable a-amylase inhibitory effect, 20 samples showed potent effect onα-glucosidase inhibitory activity, three extracts exhibited notable cytotoxic activity against NCI-H1975 cell line during the screening, and 6 lingzhi extracts were found to show considerable NO production inhibitory effect.

  • Based on the screening results, in consideration with the avaibility of the samples, we selected three lingzhi samples for further chemical and biological study:
    • From Ganoderma lucidum, 15 compounds were isolated and structurally identified by spectroscopic methods. Compound gymnomitrane-3α,5α,9β,15-tetrol were isolated for the first time from the nature.
    • From G. multipileum, six compoundswere isolated and structurally identified by spectroscopic methods. This is the first time this species was chemically investigated.
    • From Amauroderma subresinosum, four compounds were isolated and structurally identified by spectroscopic methods. Compounds TN3, TN9 and TN10 were isolated for the first time from this species.
  • The results of biologicical activity evaluation of the isolated substances are summarized as follow:
    • Six compounds including GEB4.3, GEB 12.2, GEB13.8, TN9, GM2.1, and TN3 exhibited the considerable α-glucosidase inhibitory activity with IC50 values ranging from 56.45-467.13 µg/ml. TN3 also showed the α-amylase inhibitory activity with the IC50 value of 343.12 µg/ml.
    • Five compounds including TN5, TN11, GM 2.1, GM 4.1, GEB 12.6 exhibited the cytotoxic effects against the gefitinib resistance cancer cell H1975 with IC50 values ranging from 42.93 – 98.16 µM. The new compound, gymnomitrane-3α,5α,9β,15-tetrol (GW4.1), showed a strong cytotoxic effect against the prostate cancer cell PC3 with IC50 value of 15.29 µM.
  • A highly efficent and stable procedure for the isolation of Gymnomitrane-3α,5α,9β,15-tetrolat the laboratory scale was established.

Applied results: Two methods for the preservation and developments of two lingzhi species Ganoderma lucidum and G. multipileum were proposed. These methods are based on the cultivation of the above mentioned mushrooms in pilot scale.

Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results
  • This is the first systematic study on the mushrooms and lichens living in the nothern part of Tay Nguyen by using chemical and biological activity studies.
  • This is the first report on the chemical and bioactivity investigation of Ganoderma multipileum in Vietnam.
Products of the project

Scientific papers in referred journals (list):

  • 04 papers including 1 SCIE paper: and 01 international paper, 02 national papers
  • 02 conference proceeding papers

Patents (list): Hợp chất gymnomitrane-3α,5α,9β,15-tetrol và phương pháp tách chiết chất này từ nấm linh chi Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss Ex. Fr.) Karst (accepted for review).

Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place):

  • Scientific data for the identification of 33 lingzhi and 5 lichen species collected in the Nothern Tay Nguyen
  • Scientific data for the bioactivity accessment of the methanolic extracts of the collected species.
  • Scientific data for the isolation and structural elucidation including NMR spectroscopic, MS, biological evaluation data.
  • Method for the isolation of gymnomitrane-3α,5α,9β,15-tetrol at the laboratory scale.
  • Report on the method for preservation and development of two lingzhi species.

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