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Science workshop entitled: “From Biodiversity to Biotechnology”


On March 3rd 2010, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) coordinated with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) to organize a science workshop entitled: “From Biodiversity to Biotechnology”. The workshop had the participation of José Juan Sasnchez Serrano, Vice-President of International Relations of the CSIC; Fernando Curcio Ruigomez, Spanish Ambassador to Vietnam, Prof. Sc. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cong, Vice President of the VAST, and other representatives.

Prof. Sc. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cong spoke at the opening of the workshop. The workshop followed the signing ceremony for scientific cooperation between the VAST and the CSIC on November 9th, 2009. It aims to reaffirm engagements in science and technology between the two sides and to further tighten the relationship, solidarity and cooperation between Vietnam and Spain. The cooperation is being realized through workshops, conferences, and joint research projects.

Fernando Curcio Ruigomez, Spanish Ambassador to Vietnam spoke at the workshop

The workshop introduced 18 science reports in the fields of biodiversity and biotechnology, including 9 reports from VAST scientists and 9 reports from the CSIC scientists.

The workshop offered favorable conditions for scientists from the VAST and the CSIC to meet and exchange experience as well as for those from the VAST to learn to approach modern research measures in the world. The workshop opened lots of opportunities for science training and research. 

On March 4th 2010, representatives from the CSIC visited some agencies of the VAST, such as: the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, the Institute of Biotechnology, the Institute of Chemical and Natural Compounds, the Institute of Environmental Technology, and the Institute of Geography. The CSIC successfully concluded its visit and work with the VAST.

Taking photos after the workshop


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