2016 Tran Dai Nghia Award Council holds first session


On June 27, 2016, the first session of the 2016 Tran Dai Nghia Award Council was held at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). Chairing the session, President of the Council, Professor and Academic Chau Van Minh, VAST President, appreciated the quality as well as scale of applications registering for the award.


Agreeing with Professor and Academic Minh, Professor and Academic Nguyen Van Hieu, a permanent member of the Award Council, said that major-general, Professor and Academic Tran Dai Nghia (1913–1997) is a military engineer, an eminent scientist, a high-level technical and scientific manager, and the father of the Vietnam’s defence industry. Therefore, the science and technology award bearing his name must reflect the position and status deserving the award’s name in honouring scientists who make practical contributions of great significance towards applied scientific circles. The winning constructions should strongly pervade life and have a positive influence on the national scientific and technological development.

Professor and Academic Nguyen Van Hieu stressed that, different from other scientific and technological awards at the State and ministerial levels, the Tran Dai Nghia Award aims to encourage and honour scientists with their excellent natural scientific and technological achievements which are directly applied by themselves to make contribution to the national socio-economic development and to ensuring national security and defence. Therefore, the Award Council should work seriously and without bias to select the most deserving receivers, as the greatest respect for the applied oriented scientist, so that the Tran Dai Nghia Award really becomes a prestigious award not only for domestic scientist circles but also for foreign scientists who have research constructions applied in Vietnam.

During the session, the Award Council reached consensus on diverse important contents, including the criteria, list of council of scientists, and the structure of the award. As planned, the council of scientists will start work in July assessing scientific works. Within 15 days after the council makes a list of candidates, the Award Council will convene its second session to identify the winner in 2016. The award ceremony is expected to be held on September 13, 2016 to celebrate the birthday of Professor and Academic Tran Dai Nghia.

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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