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The 2016 Technology and Equipment Fair (Techmart) was co-organised in 4 days, from September 28 to October 1, 2016 at the Museum of Hanoi by the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the Hanoi People’s Committee, aiming to increase the establishment and development of the technological market; enhance links between research and production – trade; promote trade of scientific and technological products; support technological innovation; increase competitiveness, labour productivity and the quality of commodities and services; honour the creativity of those who work in science and technology; and increase research and technological transfer and cooperation with foreign countries.

Techmart Hanoi 2016, a national event, is assessed to be one of important scientific and technological activities of a year by scientific and technological organizations, universities and enterprises, in order to promote the economic development of the capital city and the whole nation.

Attendants of the opening ceremony were Nguyen Thien Nhan, Politburo member, President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front; Professor and Academic Chau Van Minh, Party Central Committee member and VAST President; Chu Ngoc Anh, Party Central Committee member, Minister of Science and Technology; Nguyen Duc Chung, Party Central Committee member and Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee; representatives from the Association of Vietnamese high quality enterprises; and scientific and technological research communities and domestic scientific and technological enterprises.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Nguyen Thien Nhan applauded and praised agencies that joined Techmart Hanoi 2016, stressing the increasingly important role of science and technology in national socio-economic development, and that Techmart Hanoi 2016 was held in the first year the Communist Party of Vietnam is implementing the 2016-2020 period plan.

Professor and Academic Chau Van Minh (L) and leaders cut a ribbon to open Techmart Hanoi 2016

VAST – the leading agency in science and technology of the country, carried out diverse activities at the Techmart Hanoi 2016 on research, implementation and trade of technology.
Techmart Hanoi 2016 marked the participation of 13 VAST agencies in 20 stalls, including the Centre for High Technology Development, the Institute of Applied Informatics and Mechanics, the Vietnam National Museum of Nature, the Institute of Geophysics, the Publishing House for Science and Technology, the Institute of Applied Physics and Scientific Instrument, the Institute of Physics, the Institute of Space Technology, the Institute of Information and Technology, the Institute of Environmental Technology, the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry, the Institute of Biotechnology, and the Institute of Materials Science.

VAST arranged an area of 48 square metres to exhibit some of the following outstanding products:
•    Maquette representing the production of steel from red mud in Central Highlands;
•    Unmanned aircraft;
•    Pico satellite dragon from the National Satellite Centre;
•    The system simulating the satellite orbit control;
•    Some medical and pharmaceutical products of VAST agencies;
•    Atlas on the East Sea; Red Book;
•    Posters and maquette presenting VAST potential;
•    Videos presenting key scientific and technological programs: the Vietnam Museum of Nature, the National Satellite Centre, the Centre for Earthquake and Tsunami Warning; and the Central Highlands program 3;

VAST exhibits were divided into 4 groups:
•    Link group which includes products that are medical and pharmaceutical products made from successful scientific research and commercialization thanks to links with businesses specializing in the production, distribution and marketing;
•    Hi-tech group which includes small Pico Dragon satellite, Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem (ADCS) of small satellites, the model in miniature of the plant that refines red mud into steel, or the application of UAV;
•    Basic research works group which includes newspaper articles, publications, or certificates of intellectual property;
•    The group of VAST research institutes and technological transfer agencies.

VAST stalls introduced scientific and technological products which are typical of each institute. For example, the Institute of Physics introduced a new invention, PlasmaMed which had been put into use; the Centre for High Technology Development introduced outstanding products which had been transferred to enterprises, including the RO water refinery machine and the industrial waste treatment technology; the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry, the leading agency in preparing bioactive natural compounds for applying in medicine and pharmacy technologies, introduced 11 supplementary products originating from research projects, including food derived from active marine animals (Veda K +); the Institute of Biotechnology, the leading agency in researching biotechnology, introduced 13 technologies, including advanced technologies which turn high-class products into popular goods so that low-income people can afford such as cordyceps roberti and Vietnam’s Omega 3-6; the Institute for Materials Sciences made Nano materials such as drug carrier substances to treat cancer tumours in stomach or liver; the Institute of Environmental Technology introduces a new invention which showed the role of the institute in joining with the country to solve the problems of the mass fish die-off in April and May; the Institute of Mechanics and Applied Informatics brought to the exhibition a wide range of software, utility solutions, control systems for mechatronics equipment such as the automatic railway recording guard system, and manual high speed weighing system.
The area of the Vietnam National Museum of Nature showcased rare and specious template animals and plants. Apart from the collections of museum specimens, there were diverse technological devices which manipulate specimens.

The Institute of Applied Physics and Scientific Instrument continued to introduce some new technologies, including unmanned aircraft Pelican VB – 01 with the flying ceiling of 3.5 kilometres, flying radius of 50 kilometres, and the flying time of 90 minute; and shell made of light and hard carbon fiber. Pelican VB - 01 is being test-flown, and can be applied in observing the environment, forests, ecosystem, difficult terrains, closed observation, and defence reconnaissance.

At the opening ceremony Techmart Hanoi 2016, VAST signed 04 technologcy transfer contracts with businesses, witnessed by central and local agencies’ leaders.


Delegates witness the signing of contracts at Techmart Hanoi 2016

Transferred technologies and technology development deals between VAST and partners at Techmart 2016 included:


In addition, VAST co-chaired a number of conferences on the sidelines of Techmart Hanoi 2016.

Translated by: Phuong Huyen
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