Signing Ceremony on Media Cooperation Program in 2017 – 2020 between VAST and Nhan Dan Newspaper


On July 10th, 2017, the Signing Ceremony on the Media Cooperation Program in 2017 – 2020 between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and Nhan Dan Newspaper took place at the headquarters of Nhan Dan Newspaper.

The event drew the participation of Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, member of the Party Central Committee, secretary of VAST Party Committee and chairman of VAST; vice chairmen of VAST, including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Van Kiem and Prof. Dr. Phan Ngoc Minh; Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Liem, permanent vice secretary of VAST Party Committee; and representatives from units under VAST.

Representatives from Nhan Dan Newspapers also participated in the event. They were Thuan Huu, member of the Party Central Committee, editor-in-chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper, and president of Vietnam Journalists Association; Le Quoc Khanh, vice editor-in-chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper and permanent vice secretary of Nhan Dan Newspaper Party Committee; Phan Huy Hien, vice editor-in-chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper and director of Nhan Dan Television Centre; members of Nhan Dan Newspaper’s Editorial Board, heads of departments and units under Nhan Dan Newspaper, as well as reporters.

The Media Cooperation Program aims to provide updated information on publications of Nhan Dan Newspaper on scientific research, results of science and technology application; portraits of scientists; and opinions of scientists about mechanisms, policies and preferential policies for scientists in Vietnam in general and VAST in particular.


Leaders of VAST and Nhan Dan Newspaper signed the cooperation

According to the programme, VAST will actively provide information, publications and plans to organize science and technology application and research events to Nhan Dan Newspaper; and create conditions for Nhan Dan Newspaper to approach and study the real situation and collect information on VAST’s science and technology activities and results.

VAST will also coordinate with Nhan Dan Newspaper to organize seminars and press briefings to popularize information in the science and technology field. Especially, the two sides will make a plan on television channel for overseas Vietnamese.

The programme aims to provide official information on news, economics, culture, science and technology, education and environment in Vietnam to overseas Vietnamese, and news about life and activities of Vietnamese people all over the world.


Thuan Huu, member of the Party Central Committee, editor-in-chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper, chairman of Vietnam Journalists Association, made a speech at the ceremony

Addressing the ceremony, editor-in-chief Thuan Huu said that in the present situation, science and technology plays an important role, becoming a great material force in the socio-economic development of each nation. Nhan Dan Newspaper is the voice of the Party, State and people. It always considers the dissemination of science and technology as an important political task.

With its strength, Nhan Dan Newspaper has widely provided information on science and technology achievements. However, the field of science and technology – the specialized field, requires deep understanding. It is necessary to update the information for the majority of people to understand. Mr. Hu hoped that scientists from VAST will collaborate with Nhan Dan Newspaper to bring science and technology closer to the people.


Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh made a speech at the ceremony

At the ceremony, Prof.Acad. Chau Van Minh appreciated the support of Nhan Dan Newspaper in popularizing news about VAST’s science and technology work among readers over the past time. Now, the Academy has 12 specialized journals. Three of them were recognized to meet international standards. Scientific works on these journals are outstanding research results, which have scientific and practical significance. However, most of these journals are only known by scientists. Therefore, the dissemination of science and technology needs the contributions of journalists. Prof. Acad. Minh expressed his belief that the programme will promote relationship between the two sides. He also wished journalists good health and successful cooperation.


Photo taken after the signing ceremony

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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