Talk "Vietnam tomorrow"


On August 1, 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam National Space Centre held the talk "Vietnam tomorrow", with the French speaker – Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat.

The French Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat, the world's leading physicist, has been an academic of the French Academy of Sciences since 1986 and won the André Lagarrigue Award in 2008 from the Orsay Linear Accelerator. He is also the founder of Vietnam's first auger training laboratory, training young Vietnamese researchers on cosmic ray physics, and for the first time bringing modern astronomical physics into teaching in Vietnam.

Since January 2015, Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat and his young staff has worked for the Department of Astrophysics and Space Physics under the Vietnam National Space Centre, in order to promote the development of space science and astronomy in Vietnam. In 2016, he was awarded the Phan Chau Trinh Culture Award for his efforts in improving the science and education of Vietnam.


Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat

At the talk, Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat put forth challenges, opportunities and what to do immediately so that Vietnam can catch up with the rapid development and change of the world through three parts: Vietnam yesterday - A glorious past; Vietnam today - A young Vietnam, with many changes, and; Vietnam tomorrow with opportunities but also many challenges.

In the Vietnam yesterday - A glorious past section, speaker – Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat made the following summary: “Vietnam's war for independence, courage, determination and victory has been recognized globally as one of the most glorious pages of modern Vietnamese history. Vietnam has the right to be proud of it! But victory in war is not enough. Vietnam needs to win in peace, because the world is always changing, the change is faster and faster, and the fight for a better world never ends.”

Therefore, Vietnam today is a young Vietnam with many changes!

In this part, speaker Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat discusses the country's main asset - the youth. And to use the youth effectively, the country needs to trust in young people and give them important rights. According to Prof. Darriulat, another big asset of Vietnam, for foreign investors, is the abundance of cheap labour. He compares Vietnam's monthly minimum wage of USD110, while in China the figure is USD160 and in Thailand USD230. This is a necessary step towards a richer future of the Vietnamese people, especially when Vietnam is approaching more and more closely with a lot of foreign direct investment. However, Prof. Pierre Darriulat also stressed that it should not be understood that “cheap labour” attracting foreign investment will promote economic development.


The talk “Vietnam tomorrow”

Vietnam tomorrow - A changing world with many opportunities but also challenges. Therefore, Prof. Pierre said that in order to overcome obstacles to development, Vietnam needs to change its style, be confident in what Vietnam has achieved, and be confident in what Vietnamese youth can do.

At the end of the presentation, Academic and Prof. Pierre Darriulat discussed with the audience the issues in his presentation. The discussion was very exciting with many interesting questions being posed.

As planned, the Vietnam National Space Centre will hold talks about different themes every two months to encourage passion and creativity in science for young people. In October 2017 there will be the talk with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Thi Cam Ha from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology under the expected theme: “Women’s difficulties in scientific research”.

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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