“Virtual Lab” by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology’s young scientists wins first prize of Young Knowledge for Education 2017 contest


“Virtual Lab” is a visual and interactive room on Internet. Thanks to this laboratory, students can do their own chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology experiments, and get the results of visual experiments vividly without requiring the use of chemicals or actual tools.

The “Virtual Lab” is the work of “Open Classroom Education Development Platform” by a group of young scientists from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, co-founded by two young science and technology scientists, Nguyen Huu Hai and Pham Thanh Nam. Passing more than 320 other works, the “Open Classroom Education Development Platform” has become one of the top three winners of the Young Knowledge for Education 2017 contest co-organised by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, the Ministry of Education and Training, Tuoi Tre (Youth) Newspaper and Thien Long Group.


Winners of Young Knowledge for Education 2017 contest awarded
MS Nguyen Huu Hai (second from left), a representative of the group, receives the award.

“Virtual Lab” is established based on the practical situation of studying without practising and experiencing experiments of Vietnamese students. According to Nguyen Huu Hai, co-founder of the work, one of the requirements of the general education program is to promote the capacity of learners so that they can apply knowledge into reality, satisfying the building of a knowledge-based society and economy, especially during the fourth industrial revolution (Revolution 4.0). “Therefore, we need to innovate in teaching and learning methods for high school pupils, and need the contributions and support of the whole society,” he said.

Recognizing the need for innovation in methodology and content, having access and learning experience from the world's advanced education, to create an innovative, effective and suitable learning environment in Vietnamese high schools, a group of young scientists exchanged ideas and jointly developed a completely new teaching and learning support platform called “Open Classroom” (at


MS Nguyen Huu Hai (middle), co-founder of Open Classroom, speaks at the Young Knowledge for Education 2017 contest.

Nguyen Huu Hai emphasizes that Open Classroom provides an online high-quality education environment with visual lessons and virtual labs, meeting the learning needs of millions of students. Open Classroom offers a much more enjoyable experience than documents, PowerPoint presentations or video presentations, enabling learning through interaction rather than providing one-way information provision. Just by visiting the website of the Open Classroom, a student can do the same experiments at anytime and anywhere as in the laboratory at schools. They can also choose the chemical, change the dose and observe the results.

“Unlike the existing online education systems, Open Classroom focuses on the practising activities and application of knowledge in reality, ensuring learning along with practising. Each lesson is a discovery, each course is a journey, each experiment is a creative game. Through interactive learning, students are inspired to learn, easily grasp the content of the lesson and explore new knowledge,” Mr. Hai added

Open Classroom exploits the wealth of knowledge from the world's leading education institutions and prestigious international scientific organizations. Open Classroom supports all grades 1 through 12 with most subjects: mathematics, natural sciences, technology, engineering (STEM), social sciences, foreign languages, arts, living skills, and many practical issues such as sex education, environmental protection and traffic safety.

In addition, Open Classroom provides tools to help teachers easily create lessons and share knowledge, help parents capture their child's learning situation, and help educational managers in policy making.

Open Classroom offers advanced teaching and learning environment, and gets access to education of developed countries (Europe and America). Open Classroom is not only for school aged children, but also an educational platform for everyone, and for anyone who are in need of learning and sharing knowledge.


The group of young scientists

Launched in October 2017, it is now the product of thousands of registered users. The group will continue to provide free education, receive feedback and develop new features for the product.

The group hopes to receive support from the Ministry of Education and Training, relevant departments, organizations and individuals to serve the educational sector, especially over 22 million Vietnamese students.

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Teachers' Day on November 20, Open Classroom offers free lifetime accounts for teachers across the country. In addition, the product has an updated version with new features, bringing best experience for users.

See Virtual Lab Introduction Video - Open Classroom here.
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