Workshop on enhancing coordination in support of Sentinel Asia’s mapping, sharing and exchanging information in emergency cases


On March 19-20, 2018, in Hanoi, the workshop on enhancing coordination in support of Sentinel Asia’s mapping, sharing and exchanging of information in emergency cases was held by the Space Technology Institute (STI) under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) in collaboration with Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), and the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA). Attendants of the workshop were leaders from the Institute of Space Technology, the International Cooperation Department under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, the Center for Policy and Techniques for Disaster Prevention and Control under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of National Remote Sensing under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and experts from ADRC, JAXA, AIT and STI.

Sentinel Asia (SA) aims to promote cooperation between communities of space users, disaster prevention, and international organizations using SBT and Web GIS technology for disaster mitigation. In support of the implementation of the activities of the SA, the Joint Project Team (JPT) was established, including space/survey/remote sensing-GIS and technology agencies, institutes, universities and international organizations. As of 2017, the JPT included a total of 106 organizations, with 91 from 28 countries/regions and 15 international organizations.

The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) is responsible for managing the urgent needs of SA and acting as the “Secretary of Sentinel Asia”. The ADRC works with the Data Provider Node (DPN) to capture satellite images and provide data for data analysis clues (DANs). DAN is responsible for supporting data processing and analysis to support SA, providing Value Added Products (VAPs) to countries’ disaster management organizations. The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is currently the principle DAN (P-DAN) responsible for analysis and management of data as well as coordination with other DANs to support urgent requests.


At the workshop

The main purpose of the workshop is to promote the efficiency of Sentinel Asia in the region, to assist communities to improve their capacity in coping with disasters. The workshop also aimed to strengthen the network between the Secretariat of the SA, JPT, DPN, DAN, and disaster management organizations in Vietnam; evaluate the efficiency of Sentinel Asia operations in Vietnam; anddevelop and agree on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to meet urgent requests.


Dr. Bui Trong Tuyen - Director of the Institute of Space Technology delivers the opening remarks

Addressing the workshop, Dr. Bui Trong Tuyen – Head of Institute of Space Technology, said that the institute, as a organization providing VNREDSat-1 data for disaster prevention and mitigation activities of Sentinel Asia since 2015, had worked closely with disaster management organizations in Vietnam to optimize cooperation in responding to natural disasters occurring in Vietnam and beyond. Dr. Bui Trong Tuyen also expressed his hope that, through the workshop, the organizations will work more closely together with the support of Sentinel Asia members for the security and prosperity of the member countries.

A representative of the International Cooperation Department under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Dr. Dang Quang Hung, stressed that Vietnam is a country heavily affected by natural disasters. In 2017 alone, Vietnam suffered a record number of natural disasters including 12 typhoons, many floods and landslides. Vietnam has been supported by achievements in space technology and international cooperation in this field. Last year, Sentinel Asia launched 12 urgent requests for Vietnam, which is a remarkable number and Vietnam appreciates the support of Sentinel Asia members over the past time.

Dr. Dang Quang Hung added that VAST had been implementing a number of projects related to the development and application of space technology. One of the main objectives of these missions is to support disaster prevention for national sustainable development. In addition, VAST has also been actively cooperated with international agencies, including Sentinel Asia, to promote the integration of space technology.

At the workshop, delegates discussed lessons in 2017, made planning for following actions in Vietnam, explained the SOP standard process, gave assessment of the SA value-added products, and performed technical demonstrations and discussions on creating VAP for floods.



Representatives take pictures at the workshop

Translated by Phuong Huyen
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