First experimental photos by MicroDragon Satellite


At about 0:11 on January 22, 2019 (Vietnam time), Vietnam’s MicroDragon satellite, for the first time, took a test photo of the US area with the central camera of the Triple Polarization Imager (TPI) in different spectral bands and shooting conditions to perform the calibration process. TPI system of MicroDragon satellite is responsible for observing and detecting cloud coverage, characteristics of aerosols, and improving atmospheric correction.

MicroDragon satellite location when it performed test shots for the first time at an altitude of about 512km in the sky of the United States

After that, at 06:30 on January 23, 2019 (Vietnam time), the satellite tested shots for the second time in Australia at an altitude of about 512 km. These modified cameras are two cameras of multispectral optical camera systems - Spaceborne Multispectral Imager (SMI). This is the device to implement the main tasks of satellites used to capture images for marine water observation, and support research to assess the quality of coastal seawater for the Vietnamese fishing, aquaculture and seafood industry.

All data was sent via ground station in Japan at 0:42 UTC on January 23, 2019, or 7:42 on January 23, 2019, Vietnam time. After being decoded, the data obtained were monochromatic images at different spectrum bands, showing that the photography was successful, but the cameras and ground stations needed additional adjustments to eliminate interference and improve image quality.

The first unprocessed test images of TPI camera system, taken by MicroDragon satellite 4 days after its launch in the US.

The first unprocessed test images of the SMI camera system taken by MicroDragon satellite 5 days after its launch in Australia.

As planned, in turn, the remaining cameras as well as the entire satellite system will be adjusted to find the optimal set of parameters when the satellite operates in orbit. All of this work will be carried out by staff at the Vietnam Space Center in collaboration with officials of the Center working at Tokyo University, Japan, in the next 3 months.

MicroDragon satellite is equipped with all 5 cameras testing technology with different uses

MicroDragon satellite (50kg) is a product in the basic satellite training component of the project “Prevention of natural disasters and climate change using earth observation satellites” (abbreviated as Vietnam Space Center project). From 2013 to 2018, 36 young officers of the Vietnam Space Center under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology were trained with the space technology master program in Japan. During their study and practice, these 36 staff were divided into different groups to design, manufacture, integrate, test and operate MicroDragon satellites according to the actual training model at 5 leading Japanese universities under the guidance of professors.

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