Presenting First-rank Independent Medal to Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu


On July 10th, 2009, on behalf of State President Nguyen Minh Triet, State Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan presented “First-rank Independent Medal” to Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu, an excellent scientist, teacher, manager and politician who contributed greatly to the development of Vietnam’s science and technology.

At the ceremony, State Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan honored Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu for his tasks: “Wherever he is and which position he is responsible for, he always expressed his talent and enthusiasm to the development of national science and technology.”

Being a scientist, Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu began his scientific research work with projects about the weak interaction theory of fundamental particles. After successfully defending his doctoral thesis in science at the age of 25; he spent considerable time on researching: “the symmetry theory of fundamental particle” Van Hieu is the writer of hundreds of research works in the two fields: the Quantum Field Theory (QTF) and the Solid Theory. In 1982, he was elected academician of Russia Academy of Science and in 1986 and awareded the Lenin prize, the noblest title of Soviet Union. Moreover, he had contributed significantly to the establishment of the Institute of Physics and VAST.

In spite of spending most time on scientific work, Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu still remembers his duty as a teacher. He trained many generations of staff. He currently continues to instruct research students and gives lectures to students and post-graduated students in universities. He is focusing on the plan to establish the Hanoi Science and Technology University on the basis of VAST.

The State and Party entrusted Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu important positions: Chairman of VAST, Director of the Centre of National Science and Technology, and headmaster of the University of Technology.

Together with being a scientist and a manager, Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu is a politician. He was elected Party Central Committee Member terms V, VI, VII, VIII and National Assembly (NA) Representative terms IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X.

In the solemn and warm atmosphere of the ceremony, Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu stated: “My achievements in scientific research and management over the past 50 years is thanks to the merit of the Party, State and Vietnamese people; the guidance and instruction of many leaders who are my beloved teachers; the cooperation and the sincere assistance of colleagues in VAST and around the country. Now I’m old and I was allowed to retire but how I can live in comfort and only enjoy the State’s treatment when national science and education is facing challenges to contribute to leading Vietnam to be well-matched with powerful countries in the world. I will spend my lifetime following President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching and will continue to make my best effort to improving Vietnam’s science and education and sharing experience to followers. The noble prize awarded by the State will help me have more willing to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching.”

Chairman of VAST, Prof Chau Van Minh affirmed: “The State presented the First-rank Independent Medal to Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu expressed official assessment of the State of his achievements on national development. This is a great honor to Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu in particular and to his colleagues, relatives, student generations, and VAST in general. The State’s official respect of scientific work offers great encouragement to scientists to work more effectively and further contribute to national development.”

Prof Chau Van Minh awarding flowers to Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu

Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu taking commemorative photo with friends, colleagues and students


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