First VNREDSat - 1 satellite photographs transmitted to Earth

At 11 am on May 9th 2013, the VNREDSat-1  has successfully photographed the territory of Vietnam and instantly transferred images to ground receiving stations Vietnam, including Lung Cu in the northern mountainous of Ha Giang, Hanoi capital and the southern island of Phu Quoc.

VAST prepares to launch VNREDSat-1A small satellite into orbit

On February 6th 2013, Prime Minister issued Document 1169/ VPCP-QHQT to agree for the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) to launch the Vietnam Natural Resources, Environment and Disaster Monitoring Small Satellite (VNREDSat-1) to the orbit, assigning tasks to VAST to work with French partners to fully prepare technical works, ensuring the success of the satellite plans.

International scientific seminar on erosion and materials protection

The international scientific seminar on erosion and materials protection took place at the Institute for Tropical Technology from December 4th to 7th 2012 to create favourable conditions for scientists and partners in industries to share knowledge and information related to erosion and materials protection.

International scientific seminar on energy and green growth

On November 16th 2012, the Institute of Energy Science held an international scientific seminar on energy and green growth in Hanoi to promote information exchange, cooperation and experience sharing in studies on developing energy sources in association with restoring and preserving natural ecosystems, and minimizing the impact of climate changes.

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