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2013, successful year for VNREDSat-1 Project


VNREDSat-1 (Vietnam’s first Natural Resources, Environment and Disaster monitoring satellite) was launched into orbit from the space centre in Kourou, French Guiana, on May 7th, 2013. After entering stable orbit at the height of 680 kilometers, VNREDSat-1 has regularly captured and transmitted high quality images to the ground station in Vietnam, meeting the demand for remote sensing images of Vietnam. On September 4th 2013, the French partners handed over control of VNREDSat-1 to Vietnam for official operation and exploitation.

VNREDSat-1 satellite system handover ceremony with the witness of Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan

VNREDSat-1 project was built based on research and assessment of domestic practical demand, technology and new development trends in the field of earth-observation small satellites. The project was coordinated by VAST and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to effectively exploit available technical infrastructure, including “the system of receiving, archiving and processing images from remote sensing satellites” of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, to create a complete supervising system which is independent from ground receiving stations and remote sensing image data distributing and processing centre in Vietnam. With VNREDSat-1, Vietnam is completely active in capturing, receiving and processing images, meeting the demand for remote sensing images from ministries and agencies to serve the observation of natural resources, environment, natural disasters and other specific requirements.

Under the synchronous and close direction of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the operation and exploitation of VNREDSat-1 system took place safely and effectively during 239 days in the last year, 2013. Problems arising during the operation were fixed by technical staff of the Centre for Control and Exploitation of Small Satellite to ensure the continuous and stable operation of satellite. Up to and including December 31st 2013, after going around the Earth 3,465 times, VNREDSat-1 took 20,463 photos of the world. The area of each frame was 17.5km x 17.5km on the ground (including 9,631 panchromatic photos and 10,832 multi-spectral photos). Photos of Vietnam were 5,043 (including 2,505 panchromatic photos and 2,538 multi-spectral photos). This is a source of valuable remote sensing data to meet different needs of Vietnam.

In 2014, VNREDSat-1 satellite will continue shooting and providing high-resolution optical images, assisting Vietnam in monitoring natural resources, environment, and preventing or minimizing damage caused by natural disasters.


First photo in 2014, taken from VNREDSat-1 satellite on January 1st 2014
Chaparrastique Volcano erupting near San Miguel City, the East of El Salvador

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