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Description a new Rhyparus species from Vietnam (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae, Rhyparini)


The entomologies from Japan and Vietnam (Vietnam National Museum of Nature) are described one new species of the genus Rhyparus, tribe Rhyparini, subfamily Aphodiinae, family Scarabaeidae, order Coleoptera.

Minkina (2017) described Rhyparus annamariae from Vietnam as the first Vietnamese species for this genus. Almost coincidentally, we had been examining two specimens of a Rhyparus species from Vietnam, which appears different from R. annamariae. After a close examination of our specimens, we have concluded that the present Vietnamese species is closely related to R. klapperichorum Paulian, 1983 from Taiwan, but specifically distinct from any other known congeners as well as R. klapperichorum.
One new species of Rhyparus with the name: Microcopris yokoae Ochi, Kusui, Pham, 2019 with body length: 7.7-7.9 mm, distribution Lao Cai province, Vietnam.
The result has been published on Kogane, Tokyo, (21): 10-14, 2018.

loai canh cung moi

Figs. 1-3. 1, Habitus of Rhyparus vietnamicus Ochi, Kusui, Pham, 2018, (holotype), scale 10 mm. 1, dorsal view. 2, pronotum, dorsal view; 3, epipharynx.
Figs. 4-6. Male genitalia of Rhyparus vietnamicus sp. nov., scale 1 mm. 4, male genitalia, lateral view; 5, median lobe and parameres, dorsal view; 6, ditto, ventral view.

Pham Hong Thai
Vietnam National Museum of Nature

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