Estimation in detail of the seismicity of the sub-meridian Thuong Xuan – Ba Thuoc fault zone and the related geological hazards.

Project leader's name
Dr. Lai Hop Phong
Research hosting institution
Institute of Geological Science
Project duration
2015 - 2017
́Project’s budget
600 mill VND
Goal and objectives of the project

Provide the information in detail and more adequate about the seismicity of the Thuong Xuan – Ba Thuoc fault zone for more reliable assessement of earthquake potential and other hazards of tectonic origin in the fault zone.

Main results

Theoretical results: Located at the west of Thanh Hoa province where existed two strong seismic faultzones:
Ma River and Son La – Bim Son fault zones. The deployment of dense seismic network with 12 broadband seismometers along the southeast section of the Ma-River fault zone in Thanh Hoa province since November, 2009 is allowed us to estimate in detail the seismicity of the study region. A not small portion of earthquakes, most of them are small was recorded by the network. By by using the program package Hypo71PC, more than 140 events were located. About 70% of them are the earthquakes of magnitude less than 1.0 on Richter scale; 5 earthquakes with magnitude >3.0 and the remain with magnitude from 2.0 to 3.0 Richter degree. The combination of geological and geophysical exploration gave more detail information not only about the strucsture but also of the active characteristic of this fault zone. This fault zone is separated into 4 segments by the different character. This is the input material for maximum aceleration of the fault zone. In addition, the project has calculated the zonation map of land cracking, land subsidence potential and the zonation map of potential landslide basing on different factors. Those map are crutial for landuse planning of local administrative organizations.
- Applied results:
The distribution of the earthquake epicenters determined in this study is allowed us to more accurately define the distribution of the active faults on the plane. These data are significant for the territorial planing in the study region.
The distribution of max magnitude and max aceleration of the fault zone are useful to orient the planing for earthquake resistant design in the future.

Some images of the project: 


Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

 A not quite seismic activity along the Thuong Xuan - Ba Thuoc fault zone obtained in this detail study can be accepted as new results in this research direction.
The focal mechanism of some earthquakes calculated in this study is also provided the new information related to the local stress field.

Products of the project

- Scientific papers in referred journals (list):
+ Van-Toan Dinh, Steven Harder, Bor-Shouh Huang, Viet-Bac Trinh, Van-Tuyen Doan, Hop-Phong Lai, Anh-Vu Tran, Hong Quang-Thi Nguyen and Van-Duong Nguyen, 2018. An overview of northern Vietnam deep crustal structures from integrated geophysical observations. Terr. Atmos. and Ocean. Sci.,Vol.29,No.4,1-16, August 2018. Doi: 10.3319/TAO.2018.01.02.01.
+ Chien-Min Su, Strong Wen, Chi-Chia Tang, Yu-Lien Yeh, Chau- Huei Chen, 2018. The variation of crustal structure along the Song Ma Shear Zone, Northern Vietnam. Tectonophysics, 734-735(2018) 119-129.
+ Phạm Ngọc Đạt, Phạm Ngọc Kiên, Lại Hợp Phòng, Đinh Văn Toàn, Trần Anh Vũ, Dương Thị Ninh, Ngô Tiến Lâm, 2018. Hiệu quả áp dụng phân tích số liệu bằng sử dụng đường cong vi phân từ tellua trong nghiên cứu cấu trúc sâu. Tạp chí Khoa học Kỹ thuật Mỏ - Địa chất Tập 59, Kỳ 2 (2018) 18-27.
- Patents (list):
- Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place):
+ Scheme of Thuong Xuan – Ba Thuoc active faults. Mapinfow format.
+ Scheme of distribution of geological hazard along the Thuong Xuan – ba Thuoc fault zone and surrounding area.
+ Distribution of potential geological hazards along the Thuong Xuan – ba Thuoc fault zone and surrounding area.
+ Earthquake catologue recorded by local seismic network.
+Scheme of max aceleration distribution along the fault zone and surounding area.
+ The local velocity model and earthquake mechanism of some events.
The outcome scientific report
All the mentioned above products can find from the data source og Geological Sciences.
- Other products (if applicable): supporting data for one master and one PhD degrees.

Place of application

The research institutions have deal with geological hazard study as well as related organizations of Thanh Hoa province.


Deploy more research on detail seismicity of this area.

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