Developing methods and software for evaluating the reliability of electricity supply taking into account the role of renewable energy sources and fuel sources for power plants in Vietnam.

Project leader's name
Le Cong Thinh
Research hosting institution
Institute of Energy Science
Project duration
2016 - 2018
́Project’s budget
600 million Vietnam Dong
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Main results

- Theoretical results:
The research has applied the Monte Carlo simulation method, the most advantageous method available today to determine the reliability of the electricity supply in the electric system involving renewable energy sources including wind and solar power. The topic also contributes to research methods and tools that determine the reliability of the power system considering the change or interuption in fuel supply for coal power plants.
- Applied results:
The results of the project help young scientists to approach the research, design, programming and finalizing software for evaluation of power supply reliability. The calculations and recommendations on the reliability of the power source of the project contributed to the power system regulators, the state management agencies in the field of energy and electricity have added evaluation tools. This is to contribute to achieve a better operation of the power system.

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Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

- Software was developed to assess power supply reliability considering power shortages of each type of power source;
- A method was developed for assessing reliability when there is a variation in the supply of fuel and fuel at traditional power plants. This feature has been incorporated into the software, which can determine the supply variability of fuel and fuel reserves at power plants in Vietnam.
- Reliability assessment method was developed taking into account new generation technologies and hydro storage stations. This feature has been integrated into the software, enabling calculation of the reliability when the power system involves the wind and solar power plants.

Products of the project

- 02 peer-reviewed journal article published:
+ “GHG emission reduction in energy sector and its abatement cost: Case study of five provinces in Mekong delta region, Vietnam” in International Journal of Green Energy.
+ “Estimating Solar Power Integration into Vietnam's Power Mix with the Combinatorial Modelling Approach” in Proceedings of Workshop “Critical Infrastructures: Contingency Management, Intelligent, Agent-based, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security”. (The proceedings will be indexed in Web of Science).
- 01 patent for utility solutions:
Utility solution application accepted by Decision No.47245/QĐ-SHTT dated 04 July 2018 of Intellectual Property Administration on : “Method for evaluation of reliability of power sources”
- Technological products:
Software for evaluation of reliability of power sources. The software named as VRES.
- Other products:
+ The project contributed to PhD training (PhD candidate Nguyễn Hoài Nam, defended thesis at School of Economics, endorsed to defend thesis at national level);
+ The project contributed to master training (master student Phạm Văn Hiếu, pursuing master program at Electricity Power University)

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