Investigation on the isolation of compounds from some soft corals living in Central Coast of Vietnam (from North Central to Middle Central Coast) regarding cytotoxic and anti-microbial activities

Project leader's name
Dr. Nguyen Hoai Nam
Research hosting institution
Institute of Marine Biochemistry
Project duration
2016 - 2018
́Project’s budget
7,250 milion VND
Goal and objectives of the project

- To search bioactive compounds from some soft corals in Central Coast of Vietnam
- To select the soft coral species with anticancer components or antimicrobial components

Main results

- Theoretical results:
• 37 soft coral samples were collected in six provinces including Thanh Hoa, Da Nang, Quang Tri, Quang Ngai, Hue and Binh Dinh. These samples were identified belonging to 13 species asCarijoa riisei, Cladiella krempfi, Dendronephthya sp, Junceella fragilis (Ridley, 1884), Lobophytum sp, Menella woodin Grasshoff, 1999, Muricella sp, Nephthea sp, Sarcophyton sp, Sclecronephthya sp, Sinularia sp, Subergorgia suberosa (Pallas, 1766), and Verrucella corona (Grasshoff, 1999).
•80 compounds (14 new compounds) were isolated from 08 soft corals including 09 eunicellins, 12 briarane diterpenoids, 51 steroids and 8 other compounds. Their structures were elucidated by CD, MS, 1D and 1D NMR spectra.
•Investigated the biological activities of pure compounds and found that eunicellins, briarane diterpenoids, steroids had potential for further investigations regarding cytotoxic effects, especially compounds CK9, SLE27, SLE28, CR13, VC17, VC31, CR2.
- Applied results:
•Successful creation of 01 isolation process of bioactive compound from the gorgonian Verrucella corona. The new compound verucorosteron (VC17) exhibited significant cytotoxic effect and its isolation process was registered for a Patent application no: 1-2018-01898 (Decision no 42532/QĐ-SHTT dated on June 19, 2018).
•Evaluated the effect of compounds VC17, SLE27, and CR2 on cell cycles, apoptosis, and morphology of MCF7 cancer cell line. This result is scientific evidence for driection of further investigations of bioactive compounds from Vietnamse softcorals.

Some images of the project:


Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

•14 new compoundswere isolated and structure elucidated including Junceellolide B (1), 15β-hydroxy-4,20-pregnadien-3-one (2), 3α-(β-D-arabinopyranosyloxy)-pregna-20-ene (3), 3β,5α,6β,11α-Tetrahydroxyergosta-1-one (4), 5,6β-epoxygorgosterol (5), Verrucorosteroid A (6), B(7), C(8), D(9), E(10), F(11), Verrucorosterone (12), Leptosteroid (13) and Menelloide F (14)
•Found that Sinularia leptoclados, Verrucella corona, Junceella fragilis, and Cladiella krempfi contained the eunicelins and briarane diterpenoids as well as rare steroids which are received much attention from scientists throughout the world. In addition, SLE27, SLE28, CR13, VC17, VC31 from Vietnamese soft corals exhibited significant cytotoxic effects against a panel of cancer cell lines (KB, LNCaP, SK-LU-1, SK-Mel-2, HepG2, MCF7, HL-60, and SW480) with IC50 values ranging from 12,32 – 29,01µM.

Products of the project

- Scientific papers in referred journals: published 5 ISI and 6 national papers ISI papers
1. Nam NH, Ngoc NT, Hanh TTH, Cuong NX, Thanh NV, Thao DT, Thung DC, Kiem PV, Minh CV. Cytotoxic steroids from the Vietnamese gorgonian Verrucella corona. Steroid, 2018,Vol.138, pp.57-63.
2. Nguyen Hoai N, Nguyen Thi H, Tran Thi Hong H, Nguyen Van T, Nguyen Xuan C, Do Cong T, Phan Van K, Chau Van M. Pregnane steroids from the Vietnamese octocoral Carijoa riisei. Nat. Prod. Res., 2017, Vol.31(20), pp.2435-2440
3. Ngoc NT, Hanh TTH, Thanh NV, Thao DT, Cuong NX, Nam NH, Thung DC, Kiem PV, Minh CV. Cytotoxic Steroids from the Vietnamese Soft Coral Sinularia leptoclados. Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo), 2017 Vol. 65(6), pp.593-59
4. Tran HHT, Nguyen Viet P, Nguyen Van T, Tran HT, Nguyen Xuan C, Nguyen Hoai N, Do Cong T, Phan Van K, Chau Van M. Cytotoxic steroid derivatives from the Vietnamese soft coral Sinularia brassica. J Asian Nat Prod Res. 2017, Vol.19(12), pp.1183-1190
5. Ekaterina G. Lyakhovaa, Chau Ngoc Diep Dmitrii V. Berdyshev, Sophia A. Kolesnikova, Anatoly I. Kalinovsky, Pavel S. Dmitrenok, Vu Anh Tu, Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Nguyen Van Thanh, Nguyen Hoai Nam, Phan Van Kiem, Valentin A. Stonik and Chau Van Minh. Guaiane Sesquiterpenoids from the Gorgonian Menella woodin. Natural Product Communications, 2016, Vol.11(7), pp. 913-916.
- Patents: 01
Chau Van Minh, Nguyen Hoai Nam, Phan Van Kiem, Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Ninh Thi Ngoc, Tran Thi Hong Hanh, Do Thi Thao, Nguyen Van Thanh, Do Cong Thung. The cytototixic compoundverrucorosterone and method to isolate it from the gorgonian Verrucella corona. Patent, application No 1-2018-01898, the form of application was accepted by Decesion No 42532/QĐ-SHTT dated on June19th, 2018 of National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.
- Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place):
Three potential bioacitive compounds, systematically spectroscopic data of 80 pure compounds stored at Institute of Marine Biochemistry.
- Other products (if applicable): 01 isolation process; systematic data of bioactive evaluation; 06 national papers, systematic isolation data of 08 soft corals, stored at Institute of Marine Biochemistry.

Place of application

Carry out further investigations on biological activity with different models and total synthesis of the compound CK9. Further studied on Cladiella krempfi, Menella woodin, Junceella fragilis and Verrucella corona to find type of eunicellin, sarcodictyin compounds.

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