Study on chemical constituents and biological activities of Amaranthus lividus L. (A. viridis L.) in Vietnam

Project leader's name
Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Hang
Research hosting institution
Institute of Marine Biochemistry
Project duration
2016 - 2017
́Project’s budget
200 (million VND)
Goal and objectives of the project

- Study the isolation, structural elucidation and biological evaluation of chemical compounds from Amaranthus lividus L. (A. viridis L.) collected in Vietnam in the collaboration with Belarusian research group;

Main results

The fatty acid composition of n-hexane extract of A. lividus L. Colllected in Hungyen province were identified by GC/MS to contain 50,92% saturated fatty acid (myristic acid, pentadecanoic acid, pamitic acid, stearic acid) and 49,08% unsaturated fatty acid. From n-hexane and EtOAc extract, 7 known compounds including palmitic acid (1), triacontanol (2), spinasterol (3), cycloeucalenol (4), cholesterol (5), oleanolic acid (6) và 3,4-seco-olean-12-en-4-ol-3,28-dioic acid (7) were isolated. Compound 7 showed moderate cytotoxicity against 4 cancer cell lines with IC50 value range from 32.03 μg/ml to 43.45 μg/ml.
Training: 01 Master student and 01 BS student.
Strengthen the research collaboration between the IMBC-VAST and Central Botanic Garden- National Academy of Science of Belarus.

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Products of the project

- Publications:
1. Као Тхи Хуе, Фам Мань Хунг, Нгуен Тхи Минь Ханг, Нгуен Тхи Ту Оань, Ле Нгуен Тхань, Спиридович Е. В., Чан Тхи Фыонг Лйен, Изучение жирнокислотного составаи противораковой активности экстрактов амаранта amaranthus viridis, Молодой учёный (2017), 138 (4), 100-102 (in Russian, ISSN journal)
2. Cao Thi Hue, Nguyen Thi Tu Oanh, Tran Huu Giap, Nguyen Thi Minh Hang, N. P. Mishchenko, S. A. Fedoreev, Е. V. Spiridovich, Chau Van Minh, Nguyen Quoc Vuong, Le Nguyen Thanh (2017), Metabolites from Vietnamese Amaranthus viridis, Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 53 (6), 1150-1151.
3. Lê Nguyễn Thành, Cao Thị Huệ, Bùi Thu Hà, Nguyễn Văn Quyền, Phan Anh Thư, Nghiên cứu đặc điểm sinh học và hoạt tính sinh học của cây Rau dền cơm (Amaranthus lividus L.) thu hái tại Hưng yên, Báo cáo khoa học về Sinh thái và Tài nguyên Sinh vật, Hội nghị khoa học Toàn quốc lần thứ 7 (20/10/2017), Tr. 1468-1474.
- Products (description...): Isolated compounds, the final report- IMBC
- Other products: Training: 01 Master student and 01 BS student


We acknowledges for the project fund from Department of International Relations and Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.
We hope that the Institute of Marine Biochemistry, International Cooperation Department -VAST will continuously support our research collaboration with Central Botanical Garden – NASB in the natural product chemistry projects of Vietnamese and Belarussian medicinal plants.

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