Wave and filtration flows with phase transition in porous structure

Project leader's name
Prof. DrSc. Duong Ngoc Hai
Research hosting institution
Institute of Mechanics
Project duration
2017 - 2018
́Project’s budget
200 million VND
Goal and objectives of the project

The subject of research on the problem of multi-phase system mechanics includes mathematical modeling, analysis results with the purpose of investigating the special features of wave propagation, thermal hydrodynamics and mass transfer in the structures of porous medium.

Main results

- 01 final report
- 01 SCI paper
- 01 VAST2 paper
- 01 International conference paper
- 02 National conference papers
- 01 Master and 02 Engineer were suported in education

Some images of the project:



Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

- Simulated for moverment of an object in fluid taking into the fromation vapor cavity and effect of cavitation on dynamic of object motion in some case.
- Recevied the seft-similar solution of the carbon dioxite injection in to the prorous medium saturated with methane and water taking into account the CO2 hydrate formation.
- Studied and analysed the propagation of waves in fluid-bubles mixture flow and in porous structure saturated with water and methane bubbles

Products of the project

- Publications:
SCI papers:

  1. Shagapov, V. S., Khasanov, M. K., Musakaev, N. G., & Duong, N. H. (2017). “Theoretical research of the gas hydrate deposits development using the injection of carbon dioxide”. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 107, 347-357.

VAST2 papers:

  1. Gubaidullin, A. A., Musakaev, N. G., Hai, D. N., Borodin, S. L., Thai, N. Q., & Thang, N. T. (2018). “Theoretical modeling of the carbon dioxide injection into the porous medium saturated with methane and water taking into account the CO2 hydrate formation”. Vietnam Journal of Mechanics, 40(3), 233-242.

International conference papers:

  1. A.A. Gubaidullin, O.Yu. Boldyreva, Duong Ngoc Hai, D.N. Dudko, N.G. Musakaev, Nguyen Tat Thang, Nguyen Quang Thai (2018),” Pressure wave propagation in porous structure saturated with water and methane bubbles” Proceedings of International Conference of Fluid Machinery and Automation Systems- ICFMAS2018, ISBN: 978-604-95-0609-3, pp. 574-577.

National conference papers:

  1. Nguyễn Văn Tuấn, Lê Thu Thủy (2017) “Some Investigation Results of Presure Increase at Valve and the Velocity Propagation of Waves in Two – Phase Flow”. Proceedings of 19th National Conference of Fluid Dynamics, Hanoi. ISBN: 978-604-95-0226-2. pp. 677-684.
  2. Duong Ngoc Hai, Nguyen Quang Thai, A.A. Gubaidullin, Nguyen Tat Thang, N.G. Musakaev (2017), “OpenFOAM and an implementation on computation of fluid dynamics of phase changing flow”. Proceedings of 10th National Conference of Mechanicsm. Vol 3 – Fluid Dynamics. Hanoi, ISBN: 978-604-913-752-5, pp 53-60.

- Products: Final report is stored at Institutute of Mechanics
- Educations: Suport for 01 Masters and 02 Engineer student


Final report discribles the researching contents about Wave and filtration flows with phase transition in porous structure for special subjects about the moverment of an object in fluid with supercavity, the problem of Carbon dioxide injection in to the porous medium taking in tu account the CO2 hydrate foundation and some issues about wave propagation in gas-liquid mixture.
The project has completed the researching contents according the registed.

The Russian partner is a traditional partner and has the potential to conduct scientific research and high technology.
Through the process of researching, the problems of wave and filtration flows with phase transition in porous structure are investigated and clarified step by step. Additionally, there are many issues that require further researchs. This is a significant issue in science and technology. Therefore, it is proposed to continue to conduct further studies on the thermal hydrodynamic problems of wave propagation in porous structures considering the phase transition with Rusian partners.

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