Study on technologies to produce useful materials from ashes of Vinh Tan - Binh Thuan Thermal Power Plant

Project leader's name
M.Sc. Ho Ngoc Hung
Research hosting institution
Institute of Materials Sciences
Project duration
2017 - 2018
́Project’s budget
600 million VND
Goal and objectives of the project

- Deploying a complete, synchronous and thorough ash treatment solution to minimize impacts on the air environment, soil environment and water environment, due to the ashes are influencing factors to the public health;
- Combined with re-use/recycle of post-processing products.

Main results

- A completed, synchronous and thorough procedure for ash treatment from thermal power plants is suggested;
- Amount of 15 kg of slag to meet the standards of cement additive, aggregate brick and 15 kg of coal to meet the calorific standards Q> 5000 Kcal / kg can be used as burning materials are obtained;
- A technological process for geopolymer production with a grade of 300 is developed;
- 7 pre-cast concrete components were produced for 3-way self-aligning concrete sections;
- 20 kg of pavement foundations using fly ash as additives were produced. Initial assessment of applicability and feasibility in transport works.

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Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

The project has introduced the technological process of flotation of ash ash at Vinh Tan and Binh Thuan thermal power plants. Fly ash waste has been used to produce geopolymer concrete. This is a direction to create new materials, while reducing environmental pollution.

Products of the project

- Published an article in a national journal: Ho Ngoc Hung, Dong Van Dong, Duong Manh Hung - "Study on the processing technology of ash from Vinh Tan - Binh Thuan Thermal Power Plant". Journal of Mining Industry No. 6 - 2017 pp. 1-3.
- A useful solution application has been accepted.


VAST continues to support the research group to develop the research and application of useful materials from the ashes of the Vinh Tan thermal power plant in Binh Thuan province in pilot scheme.
Head of the project team undertakes to be responsible for the accuracy of the above information.

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