Study on chemical constituents and biological activity of two plants Crypsinus trilobus and Eleutherin bulbosa, to create functional foods from the Eleutherin bulbosa. Grant No. VAST. ƯDCN. 01/16-18

Project leader's name
Dr. Pham Thi Bich Hanh
Research hosting institution
Institute of Chemistry
Project duration
2016 - 2018
́Project’s budget
2000 millions
Goal and objectives of the project

Search for ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties from the Crypsinus trilobus and Eleutherine bulbosa of Vietnam; The process of extracting the naphthoquinone extract from the bulb of Eleutherine bulbosa; Creates hard capsules with anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties; evaluated the safety and effects of hard capsule products on experimental animals.

Main results

- The leaf and root extracts of Crypsinus trilobus have been evaluated for anti-inflammatory activity through the ability to inhibit NO. The results showed that the ethyl acetate extracts exhibited NO inhibitory activity with an IC50 value of 95.62 ± 4.79 μg / ml. The remaining samples were not shown to be active at the study concentrations
- From the leaf of Crysinustrilobus (Houtt.) Copel., a new compound kaempferol 3-O- [2, 4] -D-O-acetyl-6-O- (E-p-coumaroyl)] -β-D-glucopyranoside (PV1), with the seven compounds β-sitosterol (PV2), daucosterol (PV3), stigmastane-3β,5α,6β-triol (PV4), protocatechuic acid (PV5), kaempferol 3-O-β-(3”,6”-diacetyl)-glucopyranoside (PV6), (7S,8R,8’R)-5’-methoxy isolariciresinol (PV7), β-sitosterol 3β-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl palmitate (PV8) were first isolated from this plant.
- Conducted research to build the process of extracting naphtoquinon products to 40 to 50% (calculated according to the total amount of eleutherin and isoeleutherin) (NEB product) with the scale of 30 kg of dry materials/batch from bulbs Eleutherine bulbosa Mill. The efficiency of the extraction process is up to 75.96% and builds base standard of the NEB product.
- Research has been conducted to produce NEB hard capsule from NEB product (42.02% - calculated according to the total amount of eleutherin and isoeleutherin), assess safety (acute and subacute toxicity), anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of cell capsules preparation as well as building NEB base standards.
- Product obtained: 500 g NEB product and 5000 NEB hard capsules.

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Products of the project
  1. 500 g of naphthaquinone (NEB) and 5000 NEB hard capsules
  2. Naphthoquinone extraction procedure of 30 kg dry material/batch from bulbs of Eleutherine bulbosa
  3. Preparation process of NEB hard capsules
  4. Basic standards of NEB hard capsules
  5. Profile of acute and acute toxicity assessment of NEB hard capsules
  6. Profile of anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect of NEB hard capsules on experimental animals
  7. Profile of stability and expiration date of NEB hard capsules
  8. Publish articles

In international journals: 02 papers SCI-E

  1. Pham Thi Bich Hanh, Do Thi Thao, Nguyen Thi Nga, Ngo Thi Phuong, Le Ngoc Hung, Do Truong Thien and Le Minh Ha;Toxicity and Anti-inflammatory Activities of an Extract of the Eleutherine bulbosa Rhizome on Collagen Antibody-induced Arthritis in a Mouse Model; Natural Product Communications, Vol 13 (7) (2018), 883-886.
  2. Pham Thi Bich Hanh, Ngo Thi Phuong, Le Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Quoc Dat, Dang Minh Tri, Do Truong Thien and Le Minh Ha, A New Flavonol Glucoside from the Leaves of Crypsinus trilobus, Natural Product Communications, Vol. 13 (12) 2018, 1639-1640.
Place of application

Nguyen Thi Kim Hue and attached transcript.


Experimental study of NEB hard capsules on volunteers.

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