Study on the scientific basis for sustainable utilization and conservation of some species of the family Balanophoraceae L.C. & A. Rich. in Vietnam.

Project leader's name
Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung
Research hosting institution
Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources
Project duration
2016 - 2018
́Project’s budget
1,100,000,000 VN dong.
Goal and objectives of the project

Assess the current status, biological and ecological characteristics, distribution and regeneration ability of some species belonging to Balanophoraceae family. Test the bio-activities and identify the chemical compounds extracted from these species. Recommend some solutions for the sustainable utilization and in situ conservation.

Main results

- Theoretical results:
+ Three new records for the flora of Vietnam (Balanophora tobiracola Makino; Balanophora subcupularis P.C. Tam and Balanophora harlandii Hook.f.) were added .
+ Additional data on morphological, biological and ecological characteristics of some species of Balanophoraceae family in Vietnam was provided.

- Applied results:
+ A taxonomic key was contructed to identify species of Balanophoraceae family in Vietnam.
+ Additional data on biology and chemistry of some species of Balanophoraceae family in Vietnam are new and have scientific and practical values.

Some images of the project:




Products of the project
  • Scientific papers in referred journals (list): 07 (01 article in SCI-E journals and 06 articles in other International Journals).
  • Patents (list): None.
  • Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place): 04 reports (01 report on biology, ecology, distribution, uses; 01 report on conservation of species in Balanophoraceae; 01 report on bio-activities and 01 report on chemical compounds (The dried specimens of species of Balanophoraceae family are stored in the Department of Plant Resources, IEBR).
  • Other products (if applicable): None.
Place of application

Nature Reserves and National Parks.


Further studies on genetics (DNA sequence) are needed to check and supplement the necessary data for taxonomic identification of Balanophorace family in Vietnam.

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