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1 Hình ảnh nổi bật Combination of Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel-1 image data to support operation of inter-reservoirs in the watershed Vu Gia – Thu Bon (Quang nam – Da Nang province)
2 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study on cultivation of commercial Anoectochilus formosanus Hayata by hydroponic technique in Dalat city - Lamdong province
3 Hình ảnh nổi bật Investigation, study on biological characteristics, chemistry and bioactive compounds of two species from the genus Xyloselinum Pimenov & Kljuykov in Ha Giang province
4 Hình ảnh nổi bật Stady on the evolution of saline water intrusion in Da Nang city
5 Hình ảnh nổi bật Preparation and investigation of optical properties of graphene - gold particles nanocomposite materials, photocatalytic activity enhancement of TiO2
6 Hình ảnh nổi bật Modeling and a designing control law for a nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot in the presence of longitudinal, lateral slips, and model uncertainties
7 Hình ảnh nổi bật Development of three dimentional metallic nanodendrite network porous structures on various substrates for detecting heavy metal ions using electrochemical and Raman measurements
8 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study on anti-inflammatory compounds from Ficus hirta Vahl. in Vietnam
9 Hình ảnh nổi bật Research and application of an automated identification and quantification system with a GC/MS database (AIQS-DB) for silmutaneous analysis of semi-volatide organic compounds in air particle
10 Hình ảnh nổi bật Structure and patterns of faunogenesis in the mountain of northern and central Vietnam (Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range and Truong Son Mountain Range) as a center of biodiversity of continental Oriental reptiles and amphibian
11 Hình ảnh nổi bật Investigation on the isolation of steroidal saponin from Solanum nigrum Linn. and their in vitro anti-cancer activity
12 Hình ảnh nổi bật Monomial ideals and binomal ideals: combinatorics, singularities, and application
13 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study on the population status and conservation measures for the Asian Water Dragon (Physignathus cocincinus Cuvier, 1829) in Thua Thien Hue Province
14 Hình ảnh nổi bật Isolation of anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective metabolites from marine-derived fungal strains from marine organisms in the Middle Sea of Vietnam
15 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study on cracking process using new FCC catalysts system to produce bio-gasoline (bio-10, bio-200) from bio-oil (agro-forestry wastes) and oil residue with comparable quality of comercial gasoline
16 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study and assessment of heavy metal pollution in soil in Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh city
17 Hình ảnh nổi bật tudy on the status and technical measures to maintain and improve soil fertility contributing to increase productivity and quality of lychee in Bac Giang province
18 Hình ảnh nổi bật Scientific support to pollution management in the Hanoi region
19 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study on joint-operation and exploitation of the two systems VNREDSat-1 of Viet Nam and BKA of Belarus
20 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study methods for testing food additives
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