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1 Hình ảnh nổi bật Screening of bioactive compounds from marine fungi isolated from sediment samples in sea of Co To - Thanh Lan.
2 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study of phase states of water and aqueous electrolyte solutions close to proton-exchange membranes by means of laser diagnostics.
3 Hình ảnh nổi bật Synthesis, structural, thermodynamic and biochemical characteristics of heterocyclic systems containing a tropolone fragment.
4 Hình ảnh nổi bật Development of photonic devices for sensing technique based on spherical microcavity combining with 2D photonic crystal waveguides and surface plasmons.
5 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study on the optimal distribution of pollution sources and estimation of total maximum dayily pollution load for the purpouse of control and management of water environment in river basins in Vietnam.
6 Hình ảnh nổi bật Discovery of bioactive compounds from fruit glandular trichomes of Macaranga tanarius (Euphorbiaceae) of Vietnam.
7 Hình ảnh nổi bật Development of medical image recognition system for supporting lung cancer diagnosis based on machine learning and high performance computing
8 Hình ảnh nổi bật The development of the scientific platform for the creation from a renewable marine raw of the drugs for biomedicine using of the polysacarits and enzym participating in their metabolism.
9 Hình ảnh nổi bật Development of micro-optical fiber probe and ordered gold (Au) nanoparticle arrays as Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) substrates for detection of Chlorpyrifos, Dimethoate and Permethrin.
10 Hình ảnh nổi bật Application of VNREDSat-1 images to build topographic database and military geographic information for enhancing effectiveness of consulting and ensuring work on terrain outside the territory.
11 Hình ảnh nổi bật Studying mutations in NPHS1, NPHS2, WT1 and PLCE1 gene in Vietnamese patients with congenital nephrotic syndrome.
12 Hình ảnh nổi bật A study on structure of insect community at Trang An Landscape Complex, Ninh Binh Province
13 Hình ảnh nổi bật Search of anticancer and antibiotic compounds from microorganisms of Vietnam’s sea.
14 Hình ảnh nổi bật Developing suspended particulate matter (SPM) algorithm for VNREDSat-1, a high spatial resolution satellite image, and its application over sea water environment.
15 Hình ảnh nổi bật Study on secondary metabolites from seaweeds, marine invertebrates and microorganisms in the frame work of the task the 5 th VAST-FEB RAS joint expedition and investigation of biological and biochemical diversity with the research vessel Akademic Oparin in territorial water of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.
16 Hình ảnh nổi bật Studying changes in coastal areas of Nhat Le estuary, Quang Binh Province in service of flood drainage and waterway in the context of climate change. Code: VAST06.03/15-16.
17 Hình ảnh nổi bật The central highlands' typical advantages in the context ò Vietnam joining Asean Economics community and engaging in new-generation free trade agreements. Code: TN16/X01
18 Hình ảnh nổi bật Manufacturing, experimenting,evaluating and simulatingmacro-mechanical properties (elasticmodulus, poisson coefficient. Project's code: STS.NV2017-CH01
19 Hình ảnh nổi bật Research and application of photocatalytic technology and electrochemical activation to enhance anti-bacterial infection in hospitals in Tra Vinh province Project's code: VAST.NĐP.02/17-18
20 Hình ảnh nổi bật Nuclear physics study using high intense and variable energy gamma beam at ELI-NP Romania.Project's code: VAST. CTVL. 03/17-18
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